Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

I started this post differently.
Telling you a woe is me story.
About this stressor and that heartache.
But then, I couldn't.
I am always blessed, sometimes stressed, but always blessed.
And thankful for this day, for this time, while Baker is napping on my chest to share some of my very favorite things about this very favorite season in his life, in our lives.
I love, love, love that my shoulder is never, ever clean.
Because sometimes, right that minute, whether his mouth is covered with yogurt, or he is mid-bite eating spaghetti, Baker needs to give me a hug, or maybe just use me as a napkin.
And when he does, he lays he head on my shoulder.
First one cheek, then the other. 
He leans in, and makes the sweetest little breathy moan.
Then looks back at me, gives a proud smile, and back to eating he goes.
I recognize he won't do this forever, so, for now, I cherish the food-stained shoulders courtesy of my little love.
I love, love, love his toofie smile. Baker has four teeth, and he loves showing them. If you have met Baker, you know he doesn't just smile with his mouth, he smiles with his whole face. His whole body. This I love.
It reminds me of this Friends video.
Except for with Baker, you really can see him smiling!
We are going through a teething phase again. And in all seriousness, he has been cutting these same teeth for over three weeks. His pediatrician said that teeth can rise to the surface of the gum and recede three times before finally breaking through. Well doggone-it, this is time number three and I am ready for those bad boys to show themselves!
No wonder moms keep baby's teeth forever and ever after they lose them.
We fight through getting them days and nights so much so, that we won't let them go!
If your mom is like mine, they are all resting quietly, nestled closely in a Ziploc bag in the top drawer, bumping into the pearl necklace that has been begging to be fixed since the first tooth was added.
I'd love to see the jeweler's face if she took the teeth instead.
I love, love, love seeing our family love him.
Since we have sold our house, we have been living between parents as we transitioned to Tuscaloosa. No wonder Brian and I turned out so well - our parents are wonderful with children!

Squishy, yummy, goodness.
We had a low key celebration of the Fourth yesterday.
It was nice.
Throughout the day, I was reminded of the sacrifices that allowed me to be home with my family all day.
As I rocked Baker last night and pleaded with God to send the rain to silence those obnoxiously loud fireworks threatening to wake my baby, I prayed for our nation.
I prayed for our leaders, the decision makers.
I prayed for God to be near to them, to be near to us.
Happy Fourth of July.
Happy Friday.
Happy Summer.
Happy Ribs and Watermelon.
Happy Everything.
Just Happy.

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  1. I had a "woe is me" week. Three doctor's appointments and the scheduling of David's heart surgery left me moping around and crying. This post was a reminder, that like you, I am blessed - always blessed. Thanks for your positive post, and Baker's smile is contagious!!!