Sunday, July 14, 2013

Life Lately

I so enjoyed writing the Humbly Grateful posts.
Did you get a chance to read each of them?
I am still striving to maintain a humbly grateful attitude and allow my thoughts and actions to portray one that acknowledges the blessings of a mighty God.
Life lately has been full of those blessings.
Thursday afternoon, we celebrated fourteen months of Baker Bell.
Fourteen months.
Can you believe it?

And Thursday night, I left for a beach trip with my girlfriends.
Can you believe it?
We stayed at a friend's condo - the same one we visited for my bachelorette party six years ago!
Then and Now.
Top 2007.
Bottom 2013.
Yes, we will sell our anti-aging secrets.
For a very hefty price.
Start saving now.
I kid.
We had such a blast.
Sans kids. And husbands. And worries. And agendas.
Just friends, food, sun, sand, and lotsa fun!
On the last night, I sent Baker a video of me blowing him a kiss.

This is how he responded.
And I responded by:
a. driving 127 mph all 300 miles home
b. sobbing hysterically - testing the strength of my newly purchased Falsies mascara
c. counted the hours until we would be reunited and vow separation never again
d. put on my big girl panties, savored my last few hours of friend time, and eagerly awaited that tight, two arm squeeze he has recently mastered
You choose.
We made it safely home.
I survived being away from Brian and Baker for three whole nights.
And the girls promised, no matter what, to do this again next summer.
Being a wife and a mommy are my life's two greatest joys,
and after a wonderful getaway, I returned refreshed,
with 1631 new freckles and a burned scalp,
because apparently I thought that would be fun 
with strength and patience and sweet memories of a wonderful weekend ready to be an even better wife and mommy.

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