Sunday, July 21, 2013

Heart Burst

There are no syllables to rhythmically bind.
There is no sentence that could be so perfectly strung.
There are no punctuation marks so strategically placed.

My heart is about to burst right out of my chest.

I was striving for something much more elegant.
Poetic or musical.
Heartfelt and squishy.
Lavish and lovely.
Ooey and gooey to the ick degree.

But all I can come up with....

This past Saturday, we had two separate play dates that would not have happened if not for the birth of my precious baby boy. 

His extra chromosome has proven to make this a life full of extras.
Extra blessings.
Extra love.
Extra support.
Extra goodness.
Extra friends.
Extra, extra, extra!

We started the day with Wren and Mollie.
Mollie and I go back to high school. 
We played junior varsity softball together in middle school.
Then, she was affectionately known as Mollie Ruth.
I graduated a year ahead of her.
But, remember looking up to her.
She was always positive.
Always encouraging.
Always a blessing.

Over the next several years, life took us down different paths, 
but we were reunited last October.

And I am so glad we were.
Her Wren is a doll baby.
And Mollie hasn't changed a bit.
Always positive.
Always encouraging.
Always a blessing.

I know arranged marriages are not common in our culture,
but we may or may not be working on something to keep these two close.
And this picture may or may not be the first shown on the slideshow at their Rehearsal Dinner.

Heart bursting.

Later that afternoon, we trekked to Birmingham to spend the evening with The Club, as they have dubbed themselves.
Mind you, we had never met anyone at this shindig.
But, by the grace of God, and His perfect plan, we now have a new group we are honored to call friends.
But I'll call them family.

Sally, Walker's mommy hosted this most wonderful event.

Heart bursting.

Have you ever seen more cuteness in one picture?
That's a lot of extra special goodness right there.
Watch out folks, big things are coming from these little ones.


When we got there last night, I felt an immediate connection to each of these families.
Each had been through the emotions we have felt.
But more so, each has experienced the joy we have been blessed to have fill our hearts with our sweet Baker.

I was so encouraged to see each child developing so beautifully.

The mamas shared and laughed and loved.

As I closed my eyes last night, exhausted from such a wonderful day,
I uttered prayers for each of the mamas and daddies and brothers and sisters and our littles who have brought us all together.
What an incredible blessing.
What an incredible gift.

With the love for Baker, and each of the friends we made yesterday, 
friendships that I am certain will last a lifetime, my heart is about to burst right out of my chest!


  1. What a great post! David has brought new friends into our life too. I loved all the pics. David has taught me to see beauty with new eyes!!


  2. I love hearing aboyt the joy David has brought into your life! Blessings, friend!