Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Favorite

As a teacher, I vowed never to ever have a favorite student, 
if you asked, I couldn't choose an absolutely favorite dinner,
my favorite color changes every year,
but favorite day.
Easy peasy.

Ask me.
I will tell you the same thing.
Every single time.

This girl right here,
I love a Saturday!

And based on these smiles, I think my boys feel the same.

They begin with morning snuggles and sweet sugar.

And playing with my silly little monkey.

Then, I broke Mommy Rule Number 654, and gave my boy biscuits with syrup this morning.
I swore he would have nothing of the sort.
Yep, one more thing I have crossed off of my Never Will I Ever list.

I'm not sure if he liked the syrup.
What do you think?

Itty bitty toofie love.

Then, we made a really tough move from the kitchen to the living room for some silly face making with Daddy.

And finally got outside to enjoy the sunshine.

My favorite.
Making memories with these two.
It wins every time.
Easy peasy.

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