Sunday, April 14, 2013

Friends and Family

I've shared before how fortunate we are to have such wonderful friends and family and this past week has proven just how invaluable they are over and over and over.
My mother-in-law picks Baker up two days a week.
I am so grateful for her.
And Baker loves his BeBe!
Yesterday morning, my father drove over to visit for a few hours.
I spent more time visiting than picture taking.
But as the three of us were all talking, and reading,
and playing with Baker's favorite ball, I noticed something.
Baker's hand and my dad's kept finding one another.
Regardless of what we were doing, their hands were touching.
And this, being the sappy girl I am, touched me so.
My dad's hands, weathered, and scarred, and etched with memories of bandaging skinned knees, and turning pages of favorite books, scrambling his world famous "Daddy Eggs."
A work of art, having touched so many lives in his short fifty-seven years.
And Baker's, free from any. A blank canvas ready to make their profound mark on the world.
It was a special morning, and a special memory I will forever cherish.
Brian and I have been in full-on house selling mode,
and a special friend's birthday provided just the reprieve we needed.
We (and by we, I mean Brian) traded the drills, and paint brushes,
and toolbelts, for an afternoon at Summer Sno
and then dinner at DePalma's.
That's a killer combo right there.
Getting some snuggles before leaving my Little with his Nana, DD, Uncle David, and Jasmine. Yes, they are wonderful babysitters, and no, they are not available. I have kindly booked their calendars indefinitely.
These girls.
I love them so!

Happy Birthday, Mal!
And happy friends and family weekend to me.
There's nothing better than making memories and cherishing time spent with loved ones.

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  1. Super cute about them holding hands all day! And good luck selling the house, I hope you find a buyer soon!