Sunday, April 21, 2013

In All Things

This morning, I woke up before the alarm sounded.
Before the sweet melody of my baby boy calling for his mama drifted over the monitor.
Before the coffee did its glorious thing indicating my morning vice was ready to awaken my sleepy self.
Before the sun's light and birth broke the horizon.

So here I sit, 
quietly, careful to not wake my two sleeping blessings.
I have already put the computer down twice.
Tiptoeing to my bedroom and then to Baker's.
I had the chance to do something I rarely take the opportunity to do.
To say a prayer, wish a blessing over both my sleeping husband and my sleeping son.
What a gift these two are.
An evidence of God's faithfulness.
An answered prayer.
Brian, an answer to my parents', who began praying from my birth for a Godly man for their daughter.
Baker, an answer to many prayers, who has been a source of incredible life and love.

And that's what is resonating on my heart this morning.
I have so much, the world offers so much, that could steal my joy.
Cause worry, and fear, and dread, and hopelessness.

But, this life, this one life I get. 
I choose to live in joy, in love, in hope.

I took out my camera as the computer warmed my knees and began scrolling through the pictures of yesterday.
Just another Saturday.
Not really anything out of the ordinary.
But, with every click, as my skin stretched across my face, my smile brightened, and my eyes welled with joyful tears.

I forget that sometimes.
To be thankful.
In all circumstances.

But then I am reminded of new mercies and amazing grace.
I see azaleas dancing in the morning breeze.
I see books and toys covering my floor, evidence of a fun late night play time with my little. 
I see laundry mountaining on my loveseat, and am thankful for a husband who does both his chores and mine.
I hear the soothing hum of the humidifier, and have to go take one more peek at my sleeping angel. 
I hear my big bear of a puppy dog step out to greet the morning, and do the most precious old man stretch.
I see. And I hear. And I love.

I continued with my camera.
And I saw these.
Ones I took during Baker's bath.
And I smiled some more.
And I think I even let out some sighs. 
The deep breath. 
Life is very, very good sighs.
Because, even in a makeshift bathtub on a Saturday evening, there is thanksgiving in this house.

There's stirring, and movement now.
There's more I could say.
There always is.
But none of my words compares to His word.

"Rejoice always. 
Pray continually. 
Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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  1. lovely! Your boy is gorgeous! So nice to be able to have that morning time to yourself to revel in all the wonders in your home!