Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Golly, y'all!

We started off the week with a doctor's appointment with Baker's Pediatric Opthamologist.
It was a great visit!
The doctor checked his eyes and reported that glasses were in Little Man's near future.
Fortunately, his farsightedness astigmatism have not increased in severity.
Unfortunately, they have not decreased either.
We'll recheck in October and create a plan at that visit.
For some reason, it was extremely hot in the office.
So, we shucked Baker's shirt.
Shirt shucked. Spring sprung.
Another day.
Another doctor visit.
Bronchitis and strep.
But, have you ever seen fingers and baby legs that made a bandage look so darn cute?
Bugs and Scooby have never been so lucky.
Golly, y'all!
Antibiotics ain't got nothing on this kind of medicine.
It's tough to beat baby snuggles,
but I think my favorite part of the week so far was this.
Last week, Baker's Speech Therapist told us that he needed to work on using objects for their intended purpose.
Toothbrush to the mouth, brush to the noggin, washcloth to the face, and phone to the ear.
And would you know, a few short days later, 
with Moriah Peters belting "I Choose Jesus,"
Baker Boy picked that phone up and sang right along.
That boy. I tell you what!
Golly, y'all!

My big boy is becoming less and less interested in bottles and sippy cups and wants to drink straight out of a cup.
An Alabama stadium cup to be exact.
Attaboy, Bake.
I just tucked Baker in for the last time as a ten month old.
Tomorrow, my boy will be an eleven month old.
And tonight, I will go cry myself to sleep.
An almost one year old.
Golly, y'all!

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