Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eleven Months

This time eleven months ago, I was getting ready to meet my baby boy.
I had been waddling around for months,
feeling him wiggle and squirm and have crazy hiccups,
and instinctively resting my hands on my growing belly,
and singing his name,
and rocking in his chair,
and thumbing through the clothes in his closet,
and organizing diapers and wipes and washcloths and towels just so,
and packing bags and wishing and hoping and dreaming.
I had imagined this little being we had been ogling over,
but never, in all my wildest dreams,
could I have fathomed this.
The love he brings to our family is so big.
The way he smiles with his whole body,
and pats my shoulder when I hold him just like I do his,
and nestles his cheek underneath my chin and mutters,
"mmmmm" like he's perfectly content to stay there forever and ever.
The way he grabs my cheeks with both of his hands and plants a wet one right smack dab on my kisser,
and giggles when his daddy sends him soaring towards the sky,
and loves life out loud.
Big time, out loud life loving.
Happy Eleven Months, Baby Baker.
We love you, sweet angel baby.
We love you so, so much.

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