Sunday, February 10, 2013

Raining on Sunday

In the words of my favorite Aussie,
"I pray that it's raining on Sunday, storming like crazy..."
Because it means canceling plans and errands in favor of making memories.

I could get used to rainy Sunday afternoons.

We got home from a fabulous weekend in Birmingham with friends early this afternoon.
We literally walked in the door, dropped our bags, put on our pajamas, 
and made a pot of coffee.

There were tickle fights and snuggles with Daddy.

There were raspberries blown.

There were books read and toons watched.

There was splishing and a splashing in his new bathtub toy from his sweet Aunt Debbie.

Oh, these sweet, wrinkled feet.

There were jam sessions played.
You better watch out, this boy is ready to take his show on the road!


Now, there's snoozing.
Loud, restful snoozing.
Evidence of a good day. 

With a busy week ahead, I needed this day.
A day of rest.
A day of precious moments.
A day of hugs and kisses and tickle fights.
All captured on this last day of my little being 8 months.

Sweet, rainy day.

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