Monday, February 18, 2013

Just Another Day in Paradise

Oh, how glorious it was to turn the alarm clock off this morning.
Happy President's Day!
My sweet husband got up with Baker this morning so I could sleep for a few more blissful minutes.
Bliss indeed.
I heard that sweet sound drifting over the monitor shortly after six.
I could hit the snooze button for hours, but
it only takes a few times of him calling me by my favorite name to awaken me from my slumber.

I tiptoed across the house and peeked into his room.
I called his name, "Baker, Sweet Baker Boy."
And y'all, that smile.
This mama just can't take it.
The combination of that little gummy grin and him whispering my name.
It's all I can do not to pinch myself to awaken from a most wonderful dream.
Every morning is the same.
I thank the Lord for this precious gift, the gift of a child, the gift of my Baker, and the gift of getting to be his mommy.
When you start each day reminded of that incredible blessing, it's hard for it to be anything other than a slice of paradise.

We ate breakfast, did some Monday morning snuggles,
and then Little Man went back to sleep.
And I got to hold him the whole time!
Love Mondays.
 Love Monday holidays.
Love days home with my boy.

I bid Brian farewell, and welcomed my mom to spend the day with us.

Baker woke up just in time to get dressed and load up the car.
We started off the day with Speech Therapy at 9:00.
They conducted an evaluation and are proposing Speech Therapy once a week.
I am super pumped about this!
We all learn so much from these sessions.
And I just love watching Baker interact with his therapists.

Then we bundled up to head on to our next destination.
It was a blustery day here!

We then headed to the new school Baker will begin tomorrow.
We set up his bedding, and unpacked his bags, and met his new teachers, and played with his new friends.

By the time we got in the car, he was zonked!
Us too.

We came home and Baker took at 3 hour nap!
Nana was in hog heaven holding her grand, and I coughed incessantly worked on lesson plans for my class.

When Baker woke up, we had lunch

and then some serious play time on the floor.
There was laughing and reading and singing and hugging and wardrobe changes.
We love when Nana visits!

We went back to the hospital for Physical and Occupational Therapy at 3:00.
This was by far one of the best sessions ever!

They hung a swing from the ceiling and my boy was justa swinging!

What you can't see here are the two pretty girls sitting in the doorway.
Can you see that look he's giving them?
I'm in big trouble.

And for your viewing pleasure.

You're welcome.

By the time he finished with his third therapy session of the day, my boy was tuckered out and his Nana was happy to oblige.

After a power nap, it was time for Nana to head home. 
There were a few tears shed.
I may be a mama now, but it still breaks my heart to see mine leave.

The rest of the evening has gone quickly.
Brian bathed Baker while I finished cooking supper.
We had a picnic on the floor while Baker played.

My biggest sweetheart is currently singing my littlest to sleep with "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys."

Just Another Day in Paradise, indeed.

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  1. Loved this one so much. What a great way to close out my Monday.