Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Little Piece of Quiet

My littlest love and I stayed home from church this morning after a wonderfully busy weekend of showering friends and their little bundles of joy.
I hate to miss church.
We have the most wonderful small group Bible Study.
Married friends, some with babes, some without.
Some newly married, others having celebrated their "I dos" many times.

While our lives look quite differently from the outside,
our hearts all connect so beautifully, so perfectly.
We share our fears, our joys, our struggles, our children's hand-me-down clothes,
our recipes, our homes, our lives.
They were there for our first adventure on the Polar Express,
and for the Buddy Walk, and for meals and hugs and encouragement when we brought Baker home.
These girls, and their husbands, and their children.
We love them.

 But sometimes, days of rest are good for the soul.
This morning, with Baker sleeping soundly on my chest,
the crackling fire warming our living room,
I had church.
Right here, in my house.
I sang, and celebrated, and worshiped our Creator, Provider.
Oh, the Lord, He is good and His mercies endure forever.

This past week was busy, busy, busy.
And when my days get too busy, busy, busy, my immune system shuts down.
It only happens once or twice a year,
but when it does,
it shuts down hard and fast.
I know it's my body's way of telling me to take it down a notch, or three.

I finally went to the doctor this afternoon.
 I NEVER go to the doctor.
And with good reason.
But, after waking up Friday morning feeling like I'd swallowed a pine cone and then losing my voice,
I decided it was time to go.
Two and a half hours, two prescriptions, one shot, and $268 dollars later, the doctor said what I already knew - "Slow down, Jennifer."
I have a nasty sinus infection, laryngitis, and strict orders to rest my body and my voice.
I hate not having a voice; while my dear husband is savoring every silent second!

In this little piece of quiet, Baker's laughter and sweet sounds are resonating throughout the house.
I'm okay with that.

I love this baby boy more than words could ever convey anyhow.

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