Friday, December 21, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

It's been a while since I have posted a Favorite Things Friday,
so forgive me if I'm a little rusty.
What a week!
It was one of those weeks where you try to cram everything possible into seven short days, only to be forced to slam on the brakes and slow way down!
My mom came last Friday afternoon to babysit our little one while Brian and I attended our Sunday School Christmas party.
It was a shindig that will not soon be forgotten.
We played Dirty Santa and may or may not have brought this little critter as our gift.

Highlight of the party.
Tacky sweaters, ear candling, and rodents oh my!
We spent Saturday shopping, eating, and doing some pre-Christmas baking with Nana.
I love this season.
I cannot believe how big he is getting.
Seven whole months.
Make that seven months and nine days.
This happened Saturday afternoon.
I earned big mommy points for dressing Bake in his cutest deer applique tee and letting him pose with his camo clad daddy and his trophy buck.
Count 'em. Yup, that's 10.
1-0 glorious points for my biggest love. 
By late Saturday night, Baker was sick as a pitiful puppy dog!
He was coughing and wheezing so badly, he was throwing up EVERYWHERE.
Bronchitis and upper respiratory again, coupled with pink eye.
No fun.
Cutest little at the doctor.
He loved the paper on the bed.
I'm convinced he'll be the child that oohhs and aahhs over the wrapping paper and boxes, and could care less about the toys.
I got to stay home with my sick baby love on Monday and Tuesday.
I'm convinced there is nothing better than rocking my boy in front of our Christmas tree.

The best.
He did a lot of sleeping, a lot of cuddling, and unfortunately, a lot of fussing.
Curled up just like this is how we spent most of our week.
I was in hog heaven snuggled up with this positively delectable little one.

You've got to watch his newest trick.
Scooting all over the place!
Mommy loves!
Wishing you a Happy Friday, friends!
Also wishing you in the coming week
safe travels with your family,
memories made,
delicious goodies devoured,
carols sung,
Christ honored.
Blessings all!

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