Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Day in the Life

My sweet friend, Leslie, does these posts every so often
and since she's an uber blogger, with a beautiful baby girl
and I'm a novice blogger with a beautiful baby boy, I decided to take a cue.
On a typical weekday morning, the dreaded alarm sounds at 4:45.
I press snooze until about 5:15 when I finally drag myself out of my glorious 600 thread count haven.
I trudge across the house for a glimpse at my little.
Hey, don't judge.
He is going to sleep earlier and sleeping through the night, and this mommy misses her boy!
5:15 - Shower (I typically have to decide which needs my most immediate attention - washing my hair, bathing my body, or shaving my legs - it's a glorious day when I can do all three - I kid - sorta)
5:22 - Crawl back into bed, pump, and put on make up
5:45 - Dry and curl my hair
6:05 - Make my breakfast - Whole Wheat Eggo waffle toasted twice with Jif Peanut Butter and a banana - this is the same every single morning - no deviating
6:10 - Load the car (between me and the babe, we take 5 bags out of this house - my school bag, purse, lunchbox, pump, and Baker's diaper bag - Mercy!) 
6:15 - Get dressed
6:20 - Wake up Baker. Change his diaper. Steal a few kisses. Dress him for the day.
6:30 - Crawl back in bed. Kiss the hubs goodbye and showtime! Bake and I sing songs, say prayers for our friends and family, and chat all the way to school. As much as I hate leaving him, this is one of my favorite parts of the day.
Just me and my boy.
My boy and his mama.
I drop Baker off at preschool about 6:45 6:52 and squeal into my school parking lot on two wheels arrive at work about ten minutes later.
I am Curriculum Coordinator for my school and absolutely
no day is the same, which I love!
Fast forward again to life with my little.
Today, I left work at 3:15 for Baker's Speech Therapy and Feeding Evaluation.
The Speech Therapist watched as I fed Baker and engaged in dialogue.
Then she talked to him and he loved it!
She spoke his language.
They oohhed and cooed and aahhhed and caaahhed.
And blew bubbles and kisses.
It was so cool to watch him do his thing!
She has suggested that we come once a month for speech and feeding therapy. This will allow her to model for us, work with him, and stay proactive in this area of his development.
When we got home at 4:30, Baker was asleep.
I unloaded the car, loaded the dishwasher, transferred clothes from the washer to the dryer, defrosted the chicken for supper, made a pot of coffee, and watched the most precious brown eyes POP open!
(I took these pictures on Saturday, but got a little distracted while making the bed this afternoon, so just pretend they're from today)
Those eyelashes. Those baby rolls. I die.

Just. Can't. Take. It.

See why my To-Do list never becomes a Got-it-Done list?
Brian got home about 5:30 and cooked supper (he's the ultimate Grill Meister) while I fed and bathed Baker.
Baker took another mini nap (our boy is king of some catnaps) just long enough for my Number 1 and I to eat a romantic dinner by the light of the Christmas tree.
I snapped this picture of my itty bitty while he napped.
At 6:30, he woke up, had a little tummy time, admired the tree, read Alabaster's Song - a favorite Max Lucado Christmas book, added a few verses to our favorite Christmas carols, and then his daddy rocked him to sleep at 8:00. He's currently slumbering in my arms. We usually put him in his bed about 9:30 where he sleeps through the night (fingers crossed this will continue).
Not a lavish day. Not a glorious day.
But a day of love.
A day that is most certainly an answered prayer, a dream come true.

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