Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby's First

Baker is nestled comfortably on my chest as I sit here basking in my dark, quiet reprieve. Just days ago, this same space was strewn with wrapping paper and ribbon and littered with boxes. Now that the gifts are unwrapped, and the tree is barren, save for the lights and ornaments, all we have are the memories of a holiday that will not soon be forgotten.
In his slumber, Baker lets out a chuckle every few minutes and I am confident we are reliving the same precious memories of his first Christmas.
We have the stockings, ornaments, and picture frames stamped with Baby's First Christmas and proudly dated 2012.
I still hang the tattered Baby's First Christmas 1984 ornament on my parent's tree every year. Way up at the top, the way I did when I was little. I would stand on my tippy toes and hang it far above Jessie and David's, staking my claim.
I can see Baker doing the same many years from now.
Unpacking the ornaments and hanging them on his tree. Taking the frames from their protective wrapping in the Christmas storage boxes and gazing at the sweet face smiling back, noting the changes - and lack thereof.
I think he will still smile with his whole body - his eyes will twinkle, his rosy cheeks will spread across his face, the dimple on his right cheek will still melt this mama's heart.
I look forward to Baby's Second, and Third, and Thirteenth Christmases. But right now, I am savoring the memories of this first.
My favorite Christmas present came on Christmas Eve,
when Baker looked at me and uttered the most beautiful words,
"Mama, Mum."
(Apparently he's got a little English in him - Mum - I love it!)
My favorite three syllables ever.
In the entire world of syllables, these are the greatest.
Mama, Mum.
I cannot get enough.
We were awakened Christmas morning not to
Santa's footsteps on the roof,
but Baker's sweet little "Dada's" and "Mama-mums"
drifting over the monitor.
Brian and I were so excited for our first Christmas as a family of three.
We scooped our little out of his bed, and rushed to the living room to unwrap presents.
We vowed not to go overboard on his first Christmas.
Little Bit decided to outgrow his carrier a little sooner than we anticipated,
so his big gift was a Britax convertible car seat.
We also got him a couple of other developmentally appropriate goodies, books, clothes, and some toys just for the fun of it!
Watching his face aglow as he tore through the wrapping paper was incredible.
He knew the day was a special one, and his expression mirrored that throughout.
 Brian and I opted out of buying big presents for one another;
instead we stuffed stockings with little "happies" and bought presents for some sweet babies in need.
I love doing this!
We had a big breakfast at home,
and then over the river and through the woods to the grandmother's houses we went.

The aunts and uncles and grandmothers and grandfathers got him too much, us too.
But more than the gifts that will eventually lose their luster, toys whose batteries will soon die, clothes that we'll inevitably outgrow, we focused on family. We played together, laughed together, sang together, watched movies together.
We're all about this together stuff - on Baby's First and everyday.
I am thankful for Christmas.
The birth of our Savior.
The time off of work to reflect on the preciousness of the season.
Togetherness with friends and family.
The season of giving.
Memories of an extra special baby's first.

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