Saturday, October 13, 2012

Team Baker

This is so much fun to write!
I am absolutely giddy as my fingers dance across the keys to update you on our progress!
Ok, back in this post, I told you our goal was to raise $800 and bring 50 walkers to the 13th Annual Buddy Walk.
Let's just say I far underestimated Team Baker!

It is with joy that I let you know we have raised
and are bringing 72
of Baker's bestest buddies to walk alongside us!
Go Team Baker!
I am so humbled by your contributions, your prayers, your support.
There has not been a moment of this journey where I have felt alone.
Thank you for wrapping our family with love and encouragement.
I am forever indebted to you.
Our team will be recognized tomorrow at the Buddy Walk.
We will walk across the stage and be awarded the
for bringing the largest team!

We've got spirit,
 yes we do,
we've got spirit,
how 'bout you??
The money is still trickling in, and it's not too late to give.
While it won't go to our team totals for awards tomorrow, it will be donated to PADS -  a wonderful organization bringing awareness and increasing advocacy for Down Syndrome.
The proceeds for this Walk are going towards the UAB Adult Down Syndrome Clinic. This facility is being renamed The Stallings Center
(after University of Alabama's head coach Gene Stallings'
son John Mark who lived with Down Syndrome).
Many of you are inquiring about tomorrow.
Here's a quick recap:
We will meet at Regions Park for a picnic lunch at 1:00.
Look for these bright green shirts to find us!
Brian, Baker, and I will go on stage about 2:00 to receive our award.
During this time, our team will make their way to the starting line.
If you have signs, bring them with you!
We will join you at the starting line for a walk to celebrate Baker
and other individuals with Down Syndrome.
I'm wearing waterproof mascara, just sayin.
The actual walk is 0.25 miles long and will take about 30 minutes.
Please come dressed comfortably.
After the walk is complete, we will gather back at the tents to fellowship.
There will also be other activities during this time - inflatables, clowns (scary), a photo booth, etc.
Come ready to have a great time!
Check back tomorrow night for a celebratory post filled with pictures celebrating the memories of our day.
Go Team Baker!!

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