Friday, October 12, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Hello Friends!
I hope this Friday finds you joyful about the week's end.
How is it that short weeks pack such a punch?
What's in store for your weekend?
Pumpkin patches? Football? Family? Friends?

We're gearing up for our first Buddy Walk!
You can look here for details,
or check back tomorrow for Team Baker totals and a few pregame pictures!
Get excited!!
My Friday is comfort after a long week of sleepless nights.
Yep, you heard right.
My little sleeper is sleeping no more.
Baker was in the cradle in our room,
(actually it's the cradle my husband slept in when he was a babe - 
Brian completely refinished it and it is a beaut!)
until Monday night when he outgrew it.
Yes, he fit in it on Sunday night, and then Monday night, BAM!
Baby fit no longer.
I'm serious.
So, we moved the monitor into Baker's bedroom,
and an air mattress for me to sleep on
which until now has been a changing room.
A very nicely decorated changing room.
Needless to say, there was no sleeping on Tuesday night or
Wednesday night for this mama.
Then, Bake got sick.
So any gains we made on the first two nights were ix-nayed later in the week.
Let's just mark this as a work in progress.

Night numero uno - fail
Paty gown - always a success

 Wanna know what's no longer a work in progress -
back to belly!
We have been working diligently on this in therapy and at home.
Last night Little Bit shocked my socks off and just did it.
No prompting.
No coaxing.
No assisting.
Just rolled over.
Baker's good like that.

Now it's back to belly,
belly to back,
back to belly,
belly to back.
You get the picture.
A rolling machine.
No laying right here for just a minute while mama does this or that, no sir.
He's unstoppable!
Buckled in, blocked off, we're bout to get real serious around here.
In other Baker news, he has become a serious thumb sucker.
My favorite is when he sucks both at the same time.
Major cuteness.
Not my favorite when he chokes on them.
Silly boy, you could prevent that from happening.
Bake turned 5 months old this week.
In just a few short months, he's captured my heart in a serious way.
Precious lil' punkin booty!

More pictures of my little 5 month old to come.
Baby boy has the crud again.
Breathing machines, nasal aspirators, and snotty snuggles,

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