Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Barrett's Birth Announcement

We have mad love around here for Tiny Prints.
They did Baker's birth announcement a few years ago and have done our
family's Christmas cards for several years.
Their templates are beautiful, and often allow for customization (which I love big time)!
I (very temporarily) considered not mailing birth announcements.
I know, all the gasps!
With social media, email, texts, and our family's blog,
 Barrett's picture was sent out within hours of his birth.
But even with technology being so readily available, I couldn't resist.
Consider me old fashioned, but I am partial to snail mail.
One of my favorite things to do is sit down with my favorite pens,
a fresh book of stamps, my beloved address book,
personalized stationery (or in this case, paper boasting the most beautiful pictures),
 a piping hot cup of coffee, and carefully script letters for my nearest and dearest.

Each announcement was pored over.
Prayed over.
I took great pleasure in addressing each envelope.
As I dotted i's and crossed t's, I considered each family and the role they have played in ours.
How grateful I am for this village.

I love the idea, that this week, across the street and across the states,
people are opening their mailboxes to our sweet boys' faces,
thinking prayerful thoughts for our family
and wishing us the sweetest wishes as a new family of four.



Yes, I quite love this.

And just for kicks, Baker's birth announcement, mailed out exactly 3 years ago today.

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ps - Zulily is featuring Tiny Prints for the next five days - $20 for $40 or $30 for $60 worth of fabulous goodies! See here


  1. I opened mine when I got in from the beach last night and it filled my love tank right up!! And... my fridge door has never looked sweeter. Love y'all!!

  2. It brings a smile while seeing this pretty birth announcement.

  3. Adorable and lovely birth announcement cards!! Caring sister in the card!!