Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fun on the Fourth

What a fun Fourth with my sweet peeps!
We started our long weekend celebration at our Splash Pad.
Baker had a blast!
I'd say Barrett quite enjoyed himself also.
Not pictured is our sweet little babysitting friend who accompanied us.
She has made it possible to get out with two.
Praise all things good and holy for an extra set of hands.
(And feet! Baker is quick!)
 On Friday, we travelled over the river and through the woods to visit grandparents.  
 They set up a pool on their back deck and after a slight code blue situation
(too many blueberries turn once brown things blue), our boy had a big time dipping skinny!
We stayed in town on Saturday for a fun day and too much good food with my parents.
Such a wonderful weekend for all!



 I am so very thankful for freedom.
To be able to worship and work and play in this land that I love.
To be able to raise my boys in America the beautiful.
To live with these in this home of the brave.

From our family to yours, Happy Fourth.
And this, y'all.
Our last four Fourths.
Each year has gotten a little sweeter and a lot more fun! 

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