Sunday, October 20, 2013

Be in the moment

I love to blog on Sunday night.
My heart is so full after a day of worship,
memories made with family,
rested after the much needed reprieve the weekend provides.
I have one thing on my heart that is walking with me into the upcoming week.
Be in the moment.
Ready or not, the week is coming.
It's Sunday night, but the week is coming.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
I have written about this before.
My problem with wishing away the week in hopes for the weekend.
But, this week, I am committing to be in the moment on each of the days of the week.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
My prayer is that the Lord use each of these days, His days, for His glory.
I don't give Him that opportunity when I am rushing through the days with the fervor of the weekend.
I want to be in the moment for each moment.
When I drop Baker off in the hurried mornings.
When I visit with his teachers and therapists.
When I spend the day with my coworkers and students.
When I drive down the road.
When I stand in the checkout line.
When I pick up Baker.
When I visit with friends.
When I cook supper.
When I fellowship with my family in the evenings.
I want to be fully present in each moment.
I want to acknowledge and prayerfully lift up the names God places on my heart.
I want to be compassionate to others hurting.
I want to celebrate with those in a season of celebrating.
I want to be His hands and feet.
I want to live wholly and love fully.
I want to be in each moment.
Parts of this will not be easy.
It will require selflessness.
It will require truly listening.
I will require honesty.
It will require time.
A few of my favorite "in the moment" moments with my boys from this weekend.
Brian surprised me with a date night.
It went something like,
"I know it's 8:30 on a Thursday night, but I got your mom to keep the babe. Get ready. I'll pick you up in five." And out of the bedroom he walked. True to his word, a knock came five minutes later with my Prince Charming ready to whisk me away.
I love him.
I love his commitment to be in the moment in our marriage.
To be spontaneous.
And full of surprises.
And full of wooing, even on a school night.
During the Bama game Saturday night, Baker just couldn't hang,
and I just couldn't surrender his sleeping body to his bed.
He won't be this little forever.
His body won't fit just perfectly with mine.
Be in the moment.
Rock the baby.
Whisper Roll Tides.
Count each eyelash.
Kiss the battlescars.
Trace his lips.
Memorize his breaths.
Savor each second.

Sweet baby in a Bama tee and crimson scrubs.
Sweet victory over a rival.
Sweet Sunday mornings in the fall.
Sweet sunrise peeking through the trees.
Sweet fascination with a shaker never before encountered.
Sweet smile.
Sweet love for life.
Sweet little foot lifted high.
Moments with this little one are surely sweet. 

Be in the moment.
Kiss your baby too much.
Neglect laundry.
Let the dishes pile.
The phone will ring.
The emails will accumulate.
But this, don't wait for this.
Be in the moment.


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