Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Rachel Green Kind of Mom

I confess.
I am Rachel.
Jennifer Gaines Bell and Rachel Karen Green.
The same person.
Except for the whole Bloomingdale's buyer, great fashion, fabulous hair, married to Ross, "we were on a break" thing.
This Rachel. We're the same.
Every other time of the day, every single day, I'm all Monica.

And excuse the subtitles - it's the only one I could find.

I called his doctor's office a total of seven times this week, and visited twice.
It's neither here nor there that "the week" started on Wednesday at noon.
So, seven times from the middle of Wednesday until Friday afternoon.
For all of you wondering, we are not eating this week,
as all of our grocery budget has been donated to our lovely doctor's office in the name of co pays. It's also neither here nor there, that the office has now purchased a Caller ID system to screen my calls.
Baker came down with a nasty fever on Wednesday.
One hundred three to be exact.
And off to the doctor we went.
No strep. No this. No that. No answers. Just wait and see.
I stayed home with him Thursday, and then left him in the care of two precious girls on Friday. When I got home Friday, he looked much like he had been planted smack dab, right on top of an ant bed. He had little red dots everywhere.
And oh, sweet Jesus, at the whining.
And off to the doctor we went.
Hand foot and mouth.
When you hear those three, err four, words.
Hand foot and mouth is for the birds.
I'll spare you all the bumpy, rashy, blistery details.
He's on the upswing now, but still not back to his silly self.
Praise all things good and holy for Tylenol, Taco Casa ice, and caffeine (for me and the hubs since little sleep is being had).
The new face of Taco Casa?
 I think so.
If you are from the fabulous Casa, have your people call my people, and we can work out some sort of agreement.
When he's good, he's really good.
But when he's bad, he's so very pitiful.
Send prayers.
And patience.
And while you're offering, my favorite drink is a skinny caramel macchiato, Chick-fil-A has my favorite salad, and I like Philosophy bubble bath.
I kid.
When the Tylenol was doing its oh so wonderful thing, we enjoyed some sweet Baker smiles.
I love how he smiles.
Through it all,
my Baker Boy can always find a smile.
To brighten days, and warm hearts, and spread joy. 

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