Monday, September 30, 2013

a newborn, sick baby snuggles, and a new favorite place

 Welcome to the world, Master James Brock Caldwell.
 I forgot how positively scrumptious brand new babies are!
And so tiny, too.
I'm just gonna throw this out there - he was holding my hand by the time I left the hospital.
I'm quite certain the recipient of the Favorite Aunt Award has been chosen.
Baby Brock, you are already so loved by so many.
And you are so abundantly blessed to have such a wonderful mommy and daddy.
They are smitten.
I will forever remember their faces as I sat across from them on your birthday and listened to them joyfully tell the incredible story of your birth.
"Heaven blew every trumpet
and played every horn
on the wonderful, marvelous
night you were born."
Fast forward a few days. And a fast few days they were.
I got a call from Baker's teacher.
His fever was too high to stay at school.
I canceled my meetings, scooped up my little, and headed home for an afternoon of pajamas, snuggles, and get well wishes.

And this is how I spent two straight days.
Gaze at Baker, watch him sleep, and thank the Lord he's mine.
In the same pajamas. With the same dirty hair.
And I wouldn't change a single thing.
Somehow, someway, each day gets sweeter.
Each day, no matter that it's already seemingly filled to capacity, my heart swells, and my love grows for this little guy. 

After the sleeping, and there was plenty of sleeping, we took the pajama party outside for some Vitamin D.
Also known as "Mommy's going crazy being cooped up inside - get me outside before I lose my ever-lovin' sanity."
I said to Baker, "Mommy needs some sugar lovin."
Ask, and you shall receive.

On Saturday, he was finally feeling better, and Fall has decided to stick around for more than a few hours.
We loaded up and went to the Riverwalk.
This may be one of my favorite places in Tuscaloosa.
It is where Brian proposed, and it is now where our family is making more special memories!

Baker's current schedule:
Work hard.
Eat lots.
Play hard.
Eat lots.
Rest hard.
Eat lots.

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  1. Nancy Hawley GravoisSeptember 30, 2013 at 6:32 PM

    Jennifer, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Baker with us.