Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Grown Up Weekly Reader

As a student, I loved Weekly Readers.
Interesting articles, read together with my classmates after our Friday Spelling Test - cha ching!
 As a classroom teacher, I loved, loved Weekly Readers.
Nonfiction text on students' reading level that they wanted to read and a science grade - cha ching!
Here is my weak attempt at a grown up Weekly Reader.
A few of my favorite reads from the week in one place.
They touched my heart, and blessed my day.

A Letter  to Mamas Parenting Children with Disabilities
Written by Beck Gambill at The Accidental Mama

Read it here.
I had so many thoughts vying for my attention after reading this.
thought one. Baker has Down Syndrome. He has a special need. But that's not what defines him. That's not what makes him special. He is special because he was created by our Heavenly Father. Just like me, Baker has gifts. Gifts that have been given to him to bring honor to Jesus. I hold wholeheartedly to Romans 8. Especially the twenty-eighth verse - "For we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."  All means all. In all things, Christ works for His good, for His glory. I am privileged to see Him using Baker for just that. It's an honor. It is a daily honor to see Baker, at only sixteen months old, being a light for Jesus.
thought two. I am by no means a superhero. I am just a mama. A mama blessed daily by my sweet Baker. There are trials and struggles, but aren't there with all children? I don't know personally. Baker is our one and only. I don't have others to make comparisons. And right now, I am grateful for that. I see other children, I teach in public schools, and I read articles about typical development. But, I try not to let that govern my thoughts or expectations about mine. Comparison is a dangerous thing.

thought three. Simply, give grace, give compassion. While I certainly am not a superhero, I have been given a unique task. One not everyone understands, just because they haven't lived it. Some days, I wish I could wear a sign. "I got sad news about Baker's development, be tender with me today." "Someone just said the r-word. My heart hurts." "Baker isn't walking. He's sixteen months old. Her nine month old is running. I need a word of encouragement." "I'm a new mommy. To a child with special needs. I'm struggling. I need affirmation as a mommy." We all have unwritten, unhung signs. I don't know what yours says, but I could take a guess. And what it says matters less than how I respond. Through this article, I am reminded, give grace, give compassion. You might say something that you didn't mean to say. I heard one the other day that hurt to the core - Baker is Down Syndrome. They didn't mean it how I took it. Give grace. Whatever your sign reads today, I hope someone hugs you, encourages you, pats you on the back, affirms your role, gives you compassion.
Dear Working Mom, I Feel It Too
Written by Jennifer Green on Courtney DeFeo's Blog
Read it here.
I have no words to add. Jennifer said it beautifully. God placed this in front of me on the perfect day, at the perfect time - when I was ridden with working mom guilt.
This is what I love about blogging. The community of moms, believers, encouragers.
A Little Story for you, Ags. Or non-Ags. Either Way.
Written by Melanie, affectionately known as Big Mama
Read it and watch it here.
I am totally not an Aggie. I very much bleed Crimson.
But you can love this video, the message of this video, regardless of your team colors.
The Standard of Beauty
Written by Erin Carroll at Blue Eyed Bride
Read it here.
It talks about beauty and insecurities and raising boys to respect women. Just yes. All of it. Every single word. Just yes.


  1. Thanks Jennifer for sharing these. Both of those contributors are beautiful mamas just like you. I had fun being with Lindsey at dot mom and she said the best things about you. I'd love for you to share your story on my blog one day. let's chat.

    1. Thank you, sweet Courtney! Lindsey is one of my favorite people! She always has a smile and something nice to say - she's one of those people who makes any day better! To say I'd be honored to share my story on your blog, is an understatement!

  2. Replies
    1. Agreed!! Miss you, friend! Squeeze that sweet baby for me.