Monday, October 5, 2015

Buddy Walk 2015

I first learned about Buddy Walks the summer Baker was born.
How sad, that for twenty-seven years, I didn't know such a wonderful event even existed.
I count it all joy to be able to participate and walk alongside my one and only Baker Boy!
Baker and Barrett holding hands.
Oh. My. Heart.
Baker entered our world in May, and we entered our first Buddy Walk in October.
Little did I know the big love and support surrounding our little family.
With a few little blog posts and some especially special people, we raised over three thousand dollars and took a team of over 70 people to walk with Team Baker.
It was seriously one of my best days ever.
I felt surrounded.

By family.
By friends.
By faith.
By complete strangers woven together in this beautiful tapestry by a common thread of love, acceptance, and advocacy.

See our Buddy Walk 2012 here.

When my friend Mollie asked if we would join her and Team More Alike than Different for this year's Walk, I couldn't respond quickly enough!


What a privilege to walk with Baker, Kirill, Gracie, Hanna, and Wren at the 2015 Buddy Walk.


Buddy walking with his favorite buddy!

Barrett is sporting his Team Baker shirt;
the same shirt Baker wore at our first Buddy Walk.
Talk about feeling all the feels.

Thumbs up for a perfectly perfect day!

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