Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Date Your Spouse

A few days ago, Brian and I took advantage of a rare opportunity to take a day date.
What a perfect day!
We got to drop the boys off at school.
Such a little joy with such a big impact.
We drove over to one of our town's newest additions, Fresh Market.
I was in food heaven.
We ordered specialty coffee and planned meals for the next thousand meals.

Before we left, we made fresh peanut butter.

And then went to get bagels upon which to slather.
And then we needed more coffee.
If you give a mouse a cookie, my people; he's bound to ask for more milk!
I've added a peanut butter maker to my Christmas list.
Holy moly.
It's amazeballs.
Yes, Jennifer Bell just said amazeballs.
Go try it.
You will too.

Don't waste your time on dry roasted.
Go honey roasted every single time.
Every single time.

After eating all the things at Fresh Market, we moseyed over to Target.
Because even though you're on a date, sometimes the kids need diapers.
And $25 off $100 is just too good for this crew to miss.

DePalma's was calling our name.

It's a rare day to sit across from my groom at lunch.
What a treat.
The Greek salad and Chicken Pesto Panini were pretty good too.

We decided to end our day with a movie, but had some time to kill.
We drove around town, holding hands across the console.
Without kids to pacify and "Wheels on the Bus" to sing, we talked about everything.
We talked about nothing.
I basked in the goodness of that man I am so fortunate to call mine.

All too often, I give my boys my all.
I do the laundry and the dishes.
I make the bed and pack lunches.
 I prepare supper and piece together puzzles.
I dig in the sandbox.
I dry diapers and tears.
And I love every single minute.

On this day, he had all of my attention. All of my energy.
As it should be.
He was the first boy I loved.
And he'll be the one around after my other boys are grown and gone.

We finished the day with a movie
(Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro are positively brilliant in The Intern)
and I fell all over again in love with that man of mine.

Day dates, night dates, coffee dates, movie dates,
Special occasion dates, just because dates,
Regardless of the reason, or the occasion, or the time of day,
date your spouse.


  1. I love this! It looks like you had a fantastic time together!

  2. This is a beautiful post, Jenn! We are such fans of dates in our house, and they always seem a little more special in the middle of the day. So glad I'm now able to follow your journey here on your blog!