Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Social Media - Why I Share

As I look around the cluttered room, baby swing draped with last night’s swaddle, blocks boasting letters and numbers scattered haphazardly across the floor ready to lay claim to their next night walking victim, a kernel of popcorn from yesterday’s afternoon snack, a sleepy grin emanates across my face. Instead of tidying the day’s mess of memories or resting my sleepier than sleepy eyes, I kick back in our rocker, breathe in the newborn (yes, Barrett is closer to four months than three – but I refuse to acknowledge him as anything older than a newborn) sleeping noisily on my chest, and succumb to the thoughts dancing in my head.

I pick up my laptop and mute the fifty-seventh rerun of Friday Night Lights (Hashtag Texas Forever. Hashtag Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose. Hashtag Dillon Panther wannabe.)

Here goes.

My name is Jennifer Bell. I am covered by His grace so abundant and free. I am a thirty year old mother of two deliciously scrumptious little boys. I have been married for eight years to the love of my life (RollTide Romance, anybody?).


If you have read this blog, followed me on Instagram or Twitter, or have been my Facebook friend for any length of time, I haven’t told you anything new.

I am a sharer, but not by default.

I am a sharer, because that is what God has called me to be.

It started here.
With the birth of my first son, Baker, He called me out upon the waters in my walk and in my faith. Baker was born prematurely with Down Syndrome. The Lord took me to a place where I had to rely solely on Him. He didn’t leave me there and let me be. He asked me to share my journey. He called me to be a light for Him to share joy and faith in the uncertainty and in the struggle. In this life, on this journey, there has been a great deal of uncertainty and struggle. There has been grief and sorrow. There has been exhaustion and doubt.

Through the broken, light shines.

At my most broken, the light of my Jesus shines the brightest.

In my feeble attempt at blogging and posting to social media, I hope to point to the cross.

I know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.
Oh, how we love Jesus.

So I share, because I know God is working goodness in our lives for His glory.
So we give Him glory.

Nothing we do is of our own strength.
We are powerless as parents.
We are the most amateur of amateurs.

The Lord gifts some with a beautiful voice, others with an ability to speak life with their words, still others with especially special talents to bring Him glory.

Me, He gave me life.

He answered my prayer of becoming a wife to a godly man who is the hunkiest of hunks.

He made me a momma. He gave me Baker and Barrett for such a time as this.

He gave me a passion for Him and for sharing how He moves.

He gave me this little corner of the Internet to sing His praise.

So that’s what I will do.

Let me be singing when the evening comes.  

 “The sun comes up
It's a new day dawning
It's time to sing Your song again
Whatever may pass
And whatever lies before me
Let me be singing
When the evening comes”
10,000 Reasons
Matt Redman



  1. Amen and amen!! You have such a gift and I for one am BLESSED because of your obedience to share.

  2. I love this and I am so thankful you share. Seeing all those pictures of Baker helped me stay positive during some stressful times. XOXO