Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Do!

I am linking up with Love and Marriage today,
with a post that was published on the day Brian and I celebrated our five year anniversary.

I always love sharing our love story.

For this precious little angel to become "Our Dream Come True,"

I first had to find my dream come true.

It was a perfect guy meets girl love story.

Brian and I met at an uber romantic spot, Bryant Denny Stadium, of course.

He had me at Roll Tide, y'all!

We met at the first Alabama football game of our freshman year.
It was a day I will never forget.
September 6, 2003.

Brian was supposed to go to the game with a date,
but fortunately for me, that didn't work.
And out of 101,000 seats in that stadium,
I sat beside the man that still makes my heart flutter.


All of the wonderful memories I have during college include him.
He was the one who continually challenged me, encouraged me, complemented and complimented me.
The one I sat with in the kitchen floor talking to until my alarm signaling the morning sounded.
The one I dreamed about life with.
The one I cheered for Bama alongside. We booty bumped and fist pumped, and left hoarse and exhausted, and even more in love.
The one who walked me to class, holding my hand, which no boy other than my daddy had ever done.
The one who left flowers and notes, just because.
After sweeping me completely off my feet during our college years, he popped the question, I said "seriously?!?!"

We got married on July 28, 2007, shortly after we graduated. 

I never thought I could have loved him more, until he became a daddy.
The way he loves Baker, and leads our family in the Lord is incredible.
Many men would have fretted with Baker's diagnosis, but not Brian.
He treats Down Syndrome, like he would a skinned knee.
We still go on. We press through. We carry each other.
And we love walking this blessed road, thankful to share this journey together.

Brian has taught me so much about love and trust and faith.
He is my best friend,
the one I love coming home to each day,
the one with whom I want to spend forever,
and so much more (but that's for his ears only, this is a family blog).
I Do,
over and over and over,
I Do!

 "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." 
Psalms  118:24

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  1. God written love stories like yours are the best! Thanks for sharing! :)