Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Barrett is Four Months Old!

Hey there my little sack of sugar!



Yesterday, you turned four months old!
You love to be held, and we are happy to oblige. Your little eyes light up when you see your mommy, daddy, and big brother. You are starting to recognize when you leave our arms to be passed to someone else, and you are not always extremely fond of the transition. I think we have a stage 5 clinger on our hands and I don’t totally hate it!

You love sitting up in your Bumbo, being swaddled, splashing in the bathtub, reading books, singing, your Baker Boy, babbling all the day long, lights, being outside, and watching the fan. We’ve even caught you trying to sneak a peek at the television and you are mesmerized!

Little Bear, you want to be a part of everything! You like to sit on the dinner table while we eat, play on the floor of the bathroom while we get ready, and would be perfectly content to spend the entire day in the baby carrier.
We think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread! You are rolling over and over and over, sleeping for 3 ½ hour stretches during the night (yes, this is a milestone at our house…maybe one day I’ll be able to forgive all of your friends who are sleeping through the night), grasping at objects, cooing, and clasping your sweet little hands together. Everything goes into your mouth and you drool like it's your Jay Oh Bee.
You take a bottle during the day at school and nurse at home. Thankfully, you have weathered the transition well. You are entirely too busy to sleep. You survive on little catnaps throughout the school day. Sunday afternoons are a different story! You’ll nap for a 2-3 hour stretch, which is glorious for all in the Bell residence. Hello naptime for Mommy and Daddy!

I think one of my very favorite things about you is how you are already adore your big brother. I never knew my heart could love in such a way. Watching you two together has me feeling all the feels!

It'll be a miracle if you ever learn your name. You are called everything under the sun. Right now, our favorite nicknames for you are Little Bear, Little Brother, LB, Bear Bear (that's what Baker calls you); but the very favorite name we call you is ours.

Little one, we love you so big! Each day with you is a little sweeter than the previous. Our love for you just grows and grows!
 We are so glad God chose you for us!
 Monthly Stats:
Weight: 17 pounds, 8 ounces (87th percentile)
Length: 26.5 inches long (99th percentile)
Size Clothes: 6-9 months
Size Diapers: threes

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