Sunday, September 14, 2014

with a thankful heart

Three heads were bowed.
Six eyes were closed.
Hands of varying sizes were clutched tightly around the dinner table.
As the blessing was spoken, and “Amen” was uttered, my husband looked up. First at Baker, who still had his head slightly bowed, and his hands clasped tightly beneath his chin, and then at me. He shook his head, with a shake that said, “I just can’t believe it,” pursed his lips, and finally spoke audible words,
"We are so blessed to have Baker. Baker is so blessed to have us.”
That man I married, he’s a good egg.
We don’t stop in our tracks much. Our lives keep us going and doing, but when we do pause, we stand in awe at the Lord’s goodness and grace in our lives.
He never promised our walk would be easy, but he did promise His faithfulness to walk with us.
His promise has endured.
Our hands He has held, our burdens He has carried, our victories He has rejoiced.
And we give Him all of the glory, honor, and praise.

In all things, but especially in our Baker Boy.
For me, it is impossible to look at Baker, and not see joy perfected.  The Lord made Baker special, and He made Baker for a purpose. He has a heart so tender and a determination so fierce. He smiles with his whole being. He loves big and worries little. He is a fighter, an overcomer, a joy-giver.
"We are so blessed to have Baker. Baker is so blessed to have us.”


I pray we never lose sight of the blessings in our life. I pray we are daily overwhelmed with thanksgiving and gratitude for the undeserved, but oh so sweet miracles so graciously offered to us.
PS - I am also pretty thankful the Miss America comes on tonight! Twitter is especially fun on nights of the Miss America pageants. Join the fun and follow me on Twitter here.

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