Monday, September 22, 2014

a day to remember

It was just a typical Sunday.
The calendar didn't indicate any spectacular plans, holidays that mandated a celebration, or trips here and there.
If that doesn't warrant a Glory! Hallelujah! Amen! and Praise the Lord!, then I just don't know what does.
We started it with a chocolate chip pancake picnic on the freshly cleaned kitchen floor.
Scrubbed tile just begs for smearings of syrup, fingerprints of powdered sugar, and smudges of gooey chocolatey morsels.
After breakfast, we headed to church for a morning of worship. We sang "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus," and engaged in a wonderful study about being restored from our sinful nature.
There is nothing like being immersed in the Word and engaging in corporate worship among fellow believers.
We came home, and ate a stand-at-the-countertop-and-cram-your-face-before-the-toddler-falls-face-first-into-a-sleepy-Sunday-slumber-lunch.
And we almost made it.
While Baker napped, I tidied the house - started laundry, dressed the bed in clean sheets, ironed and laid out Baker's clothes for the week, cleaned our bathroom (Baker's gets cleaned almost daily - a toddler in tee tee training - hello Clorox wipes), made a grocery list, did a little meal planning, and sent Brian to Lowe's. Like manna for the soul, my main man was restored simply walking among power tools and dirt (insert Tim Taylor grunt). And I was in my happy place, cleaning, organizing, planning, and sneaking little peeks at my sleeping angel. I've learned a little something in my twenty-eight months as Baker's momma - toddler's play hard and crash harder.
Baker woke up rearing to go.
It didn't take me long to realize -
what started as just an ordinary day,
was most assuredly a day to remember.
He had a sparkle in his eyes, which I now know was a healthy dose of mischief, a little smidgen of puffs leftover from his morning snack, and a whole lotta B-O-Y.
I realized there would never be another day dated September 21, 2014.
This was our one chance to make this one count.
By golly, we were making it a day to remember.
Doing life with this one is the best way to do life.

Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary is something we do well.


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