Thursday, September 4, 2014

do as i say. do as i do.

Do as I say, not as I do.
I've heard it.
I've said it.

I never knew how true those words would ring until I saw myself, flaws and all,
mirrored in my son.

he picks up my phone
swipes the screen
walks away
talk some more
then, "bye bye"

he smells flowers
no matter where he is
when a bloom is in sight
he stops
he sniffs
he grins

he towels the refrigerator door
ridding it of the smudged artwork left by friendly fingers

he picks up a book
finds a cozy spot
curls his legs under him just so
opens the book
turns the page
breathes a hearty sigh
turns the page

kisses his daddy on the lips

brushes his teeth
wipes out the sink
gives the mirror a toothy grin

opens the pantry door
scours the bottom shelf
closes it empty handed
opens the pantry door
shrugs his shoulders
settles for the vanilla wafers
closes the door equal parts content and discontent

points his finger
puts his hand on his hip
fusses at Harley
throws him a bone anyway

picks up a heated curler
presses it to his hair
retrieves a clip
creates a cloud of hairspray

opens drawer
selects my Bible
stretches his feet out straight
opens the cover
basks in His word

Every time I see him do the things I do, I am challenged to be a person who can say,
"Do the things I say.
Do the things I do."

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  1. [heart eyes] to this post! I watched my daughter yesterday do the exact morning routine I do - It is amazing how perseptive children are and makes me want to be her biggest role model~