Tuesday, August 19, 2014

sometimes God answers no when i pray

"sometimes God answers 'yes' when I pray,
sometimes God answers 'wait' when I pray,
sometimes God answers 'no,' just because He loves me so,
but I know God always answers when I pray"

I remember signing this verse in children's church, and today, 25 years later, I still find myself humming the tune and singing the lyrics.

When I pray with faithfulness, with an expectant heart, with an eager spirit, I often misinterpret a "not right now" or "not at all" for God not hearing my prayers.

when a diagnosis is confirmed,
when a heart hurts,
when His timing is not my own,
when farewell is uttered,
when a door closes,
when a job fails,
when a storm devastates,

God is still God.
He is still reigning on His throne.
The Creator of the universe still knows my name.
The Almighty still holds my life in His hands.

If he had answered yes to one very strong, very purposeful prayer.
A prayer that was uttered just over two years ago.
A prayer where we begged and pleaded and petitioned for our son to come into this world without Down Syndrome.
We wouldn't be us.
And I just cannot fathom how that could be.

His ways are better.
His grasp is stronger.
His thoughts are higher.
His love is greater.
His plan is bigger.


  1. I am crying as I am reading this. His ways are better and higher indeed. Beautiful!