Sunday, August 31, 2014

having it all has nothing to do with all you have

Today I am reminded of how finite life is.
We simply have 
a beginning and an end,
a hello and a goodbye,
a start and a finish.
And a few fleeting minutes in the middle.
Having it all has nothing to do with all you have.
It's not about stuff.
Or crossing off to do lists,
or accomplishments or accolades.
It's not about where you live,
or what you drive.
It's not about what's lining the shelves of your refrigerator,
or hanging in your closet,
or boasting quietly in your trophy case.
It's not about job titles or degrees,
or paychecks or bonuses.
It's about making chocolate chip cookies from scratch,
baiting a fishing hook,
reading a bedtime story,
taking a Sunday drive,
splashing in puddles,
listening to stories about the good ole days,
making mudpies,
walking hand in hand down the sidewalk,
handwriting notes.

It's all about love that endures,
grace that saves,
friendships that persevere,
family that supports,
memories that sustain,
and hope that restores.  
Tonight, as we tuck in tightly, snuggle up soundly,
and whisper our bedtime prayers,
I can't help but realize, and be eternally grateful, we really do have it all.

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