Friday, August 31, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

So many favorites in Baker Man Land this week!
We have read the research about children with Down Syndrome frequently having difficulty communicating.
So, we have been extremely proactive in this area.
I talk to Baker all the time, ALL THE TIME!
From birth, I would engage him in conversation, teaching him the fundmentals and give and take of interacting verbally with others.
Sometimes this was intentional, other times it was because we were the only two home all day and I had a lot to say!
Turns out, so did he!
Little Man is a talking machine!
He is so interactive and I LOVE IT!
He's been cooing for a couple of weeks now,
and is quite the charmer with his sweet little words.
I mean, can totally lay the hoo-doo-voo-doo on anyone!
In addition to talking to Baker,
we have also been signing with him for the past 6 weeks.
Nothing extraordinary, or terribly difficult.
Just basics like I'm hungry, thank you, yes, and no.
Lo and Behold Baker signed "I'm hungry" on Sunday morning.
And he meant it.
It was a pretty spectacular moment!
Such a smart lil fella! 
We will continue to set high expectations for him and I have no doubt,
that great things are in store for our little Baker Bell.
I've told you before,
you better watch out,
because BIG things are gonna come from our little guy!
Baker also found the ceiling fan this week.
He gets this look on his face like he has found the greatest treasure.
I can only imagine the dialogue in his head,
"Hold the phone, folks!
Do y'all not see this incredible thing?
Mom, Dad, LOOK!
Why is no one paying it more attention?
It even has a light!
Mom, Dad, LOOK!!"
We're planning a field trip to Lowe's this week.
Ceiling fans galore!
I can only imagine our boy's excitement!

We found a consignment sale in town on Wednesday.
I got an early shopping pass for being a new mommy.
We got smocked gowns, fall clothes,
some corduroy britches that are to die for,
a Columbia fleece jacket for winter,
a puppy dog costume and a giraffe onesie for him to wear to school on Halloween,
a humidifier and wipes warmer
(yes I have been wiping my precious boy's cutie booty
with cold wipes - for shame, for shame),
Baby Einstein Activity Jumper,
and some Carhartt overalls for when Bake and his daddy
do boy stuff and the cutesie stuff that mommy loves just won't do.
I love a good sale!

It's been a fabulous week,
and this bunch is certainly looking forward to this long weekend!
I am especially excited about the Cowboy Classic -
it'll be Baker's first Bama game!
Roll Tide and Happy Labor Day, folks!

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