Friday, August 3, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

I cannot type that title without seeing the von Trapp children traipsing across the bedroom and singing, "girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes..." during the atrocious thunderstorm in The Sound of Music. I love that movie!
I digress.

I have so many favorite things about my precious little angel baby.

I mean just look at him!

Today, I am highlighting three of my favorite things about this stage of Baker's life.
He is changing so quickly,
and each stage is only more fun than the previous!

Baby Baker loves being read to, and I love reading to him! I tend to get slightly animated when I read, which only leaves him cooing in response. It's one of my favorite ways to spend these precious summer days. We frequent his rocking chair several times throughout the day to read. Being a teacher and an avid book lover, this makes me so happy. We have a few favorites: Corduroy, Love you Forever, Just in Case You Ever Wonder, Pat the Bunny (Baker loves anything with different textures), Mommy's Little Boy, and Guess How Much I Love You, among others. A side note, I have yet to make it through Love You Forever or Just in Case You Ever Wonder without shedding some serious tears. I have always loved those books, and knew reading them with my child would be special, but I never knew how meaningful those words would become.

My boy loves to be rocked. He gets extremely restless when he gets tired, and the only thing that will settle him is rocking him, patting that cute little booty, and singing to him (that one's next) simultaneously. Some are advocates of "crying it out," but that's not for me, no sir. I will rock that sweet baby as long as he will let me. One day, he will be too old and too big and too cool for his mommy to rock him, so for now, I am going to rock him every chance I get.

Baker loves for his mommy to sing to him! Many people say they can't sing, but then I stand beside them in church, and lo and behold, they can sing! I, on the other hand, really can't sing. I actually cringe when the Music Minister encourages us to clap and sing at the same time. Talk about broadcasting my lack of coordination and inability to carry a tune in a bucket to the entire congregation.

I love to sing, I just can't sing. Really.
It's this bad.

But my Baker Boy loves when I sing! He even sings along with me. I have become a pro at making up little ditties to sing to my boy; and love singing worship songs and lullabies to him. He hasn't gotten to the age where he is appeasing me, he actually likes my singing. It calms his cries, brings a twinkle to his eye, and lulls him to sleep. While to the trained (and even mostly deaf) ear, I sound more like Cameron Diaz, apparently to Baker, it sounds more like this.
Oh Happy Day, indeed!
What are some of your favorite songs to sing to your little?


  1. I love that about clapping and thoughts exactly! I'm so glad you are blogging!!!

    1. This totally happened in church this morning.
      I think I played it off well; I hope my pew neighbors would agree!

  2. Replies
    1. Love your heart, love your encouragement, love you!!

      In honor of all the new happenings in your world this week, how about an update - needs some love!!

  3. For some reason I always end up singing Christmas songs! Seriously...silent night is part of our nighttime routine. And so is the book "Twas the Night Before Christmas." I'm not kidding. I had to pack that book for the beach because it's Miller's favorite! We're weird...I know.

    1. Love this! We celebrate Christmas in July, and December, too. Why not the other months, as well? We'll be singing Silent Night along with the Moons tonight!