Friday, July 13, 2012

My Lil Roly Poly

Tummy time is important for all children, but especially so for children with Down Syndrome. Each of Baker's teachers, doctors, and therapists preach on the importance of allowing Baker to spend time strengthening his core muscles so he can develop more control. While it is terribly difficult to put him down (I just love snuggling him close), we are spending increasingly more time each day playing on the floor.

Bake really likes that it helps hold his hand in place so he can suck his thumb!
Using the boppy is a great way for Baker to strengthen his arms too. Strong little booger!

This activity mat is great for floor time. Thank you Trey and Ashley!

Starting at 4 1/2 weeks, our little one began rolling over. He now does it between 4-6 times each day. Many people say this is due to hypotonia, which may be partly true, but I think it's because he's mine and he's pretty spectacular! Each time we lay him on his belly, he considers it his personal mission to roll over and is oh so proud of himself when he does. Wanna see??

Please note: It is advised that you have your sound muted. As I am sure many moms would agree, once you give birth, your voice raises an octave and words that were once spoken with such poise and clarity, are now embarassingly distorted.

See. Pretty spectular, right?

That's my boy!!

What an incredible milestone! I am so proud of our sweet Baker!

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  1. Emma Ramey gets her hand close and sucks her thumb during tummy time too. :)