Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2015: Year in Review

What a year it's been!
What a most wonderfully perfect year it's been for our little family.
As I look back on each picture,
and remember each day,
each minute in which it was captured,
I am overwhelmed with gratefulness.
Two thousand, fifteen was a year of JOY!
Baker and I perfected the bump selfie,
And I fell more in love with the two little boys who share our name.

Baker learned the goodness of a bath with bubbles up to your eyeballs,
and mastered the too cool for school pose.

We celebrated sweet friends,
and learned that even superheroes crash every now and again.

My little one made cowboy boots and Peter Pan collars a winning combination,
and decided the best way to usher in a weekend is with pancakes on the porch.

We did a little backyard renovation with Baker in the driver's seat,
and pulled out all the mouseketools to celebrate our Baker Boy turning THREE!

We began bidding farewell to our family of three,
and Baker as our only one.
I took my last belly picture and posted my last bumpdate on the blog,

and said hello to our Little Bear.
We stared in awe at the miracle of our nine pound baby boy,
and praised God for the blessing of TWO and began life as a family of FOUR.
We cried an ugly cry when our big met our little,
We fell all over again in love with the little one who shares our heart and our home,
and helped my bestie welcome his new bestie.

We soaked up some rays,
and splashed down the slide.

We learned the challenges of getting eight eyes looking in the same direction,
and that a few scissor snips grow bitty babies into grown boys.

We big farewell to a wonderful year of school,

and learned that alarms must be set really early to make it to church on time.

We reveled in the glory that is a baby smile,

and decided four eyes are much cooler than two.

We started a new school year,

and had me feeling all the feels.
We clad another little Bell in crimson and white
and decided that squishy babies are our absolute favorite kind of babies.

We had playdates and parties,
and walked with our bestest buddy.

We dedicated our baby,

and introduced him to people food.

 We found Barrett on Santa's good list,

and celebrated our Savior's birth with a party fit for a King.

We learned that Christmas only gets more magical,
and that a baby changes everything.

We bid farewell to 2015 rang in the new year with old friends.

and praised Him alone for His goodness and grace in our lives.


  1. I am all teary eyed (damn hormones) but this post is perfect. What a joyful year you have had! Your boys are beautiful and I have never heard Barrett before my husband had announced it as a name possibilty we both actually agreed on and then I read this post. It must be a sign!:) Happy New Year!

  2. What an amazing year for your family! I missed your posts! XOXO