Monday, August 10, 2015

New Adventures - Glasses Wearing and Friends Fellowshipping

Last week, Baker and I moseyed up to Birmingham for a day of doctors.
The boys' BeBe stayed home with Barrett, so it was a day full of memories to be made for just me and my big boy!

And just when I thought my Baker Boy couldn't get any cuter, this happened.

I'll share more on our new adventure in glasses wearing in a few lines.
We stopped at Urban Cookhouse to meet some dear friends for lunch.
Praise all things good and holy for a kid-friendly place that doesn't make moms lose their religion.
Hashtag playplaces give me the willies.
Sally was one of the first to reach out to me after Baker was born. Her adorable boy, Walker, was born just two months before Baker and I have loved her (and her more precious than precious little boy) from the start of this joy-filled journey.
Baker and Walker acted like lifelong friends.
At some points, Sally and I attempted adult conversation.
IEPs. Fears. Dreams. Development. Therapists. School.
All were topics worthy of our words. 
Other times, our language was lulled and our speech was silenced by the mesmerizing sight of these
two boys.
Our boys.
Our hearts.
The ones we pray for and cry over.
Wish wishes and dream dreams.
They were doing it, right there in our midst.
Living out answered prayers.
 When Baker plays with typical children, there is a certain expectation.
Expectations involving play, language, personal space, among others.
I wrote a post about this a few weeks ago called The Talk that The Mighty published and the National Down Syndrome Network featured.
You can read it here
With Baker and Walker, there were no expectations.
There was just acceptance.
Whole hearted, unabbreviated, need nothing in return, acceptance.
There was little verbal talk, except in a language all their own,
a lot of laughs from two silly boys,
an equal love for macaroni and cheese,
and more hugs than can be squeezed into one day.
Could it be that these two big boys were once these two water-loving little babies?
Time, you are a cruel and wonderful thing.
After a scrumptious lunch date and promises to fellowship again soon,
 we headed to Baker's ophthalmologist.
What a gem of a woman and an answer to this worrying mama's prayers.
He has been seen since shortly after his first birthday for farsightedness and astigmatism;
however, nothing was serious enough to warrant glasses or corrective surgery.
We knew there was a strong possibility glasses were in our near future, and
a school eye exam earlier in the year hinted that his eye sight was worsening.
We went through all of the steps.
Dilating and drops and lights and lenses.
And lots of stickers and attaboys.
So. Many. Choices.

In the end, we walked away with a prescription for some suave spectacles,
and a little dude feeling more dapper than ever.
 Doing life with this sweet boy is my favorite way to do life.
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  1. Baker and Walker are ADORABLE!
    And seriously, Baker looks even cuter in glasses!!! XOXO