Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Meeska Mouska Moo - Baker's Third Birthday Celebration!

We had the best time celebrating Baker's third birthday!
With James Barrett being due the week after Baker's special day,
we decided to celebrate a few weeks early.

Our goal was to make the day a perfect celebration of our boy and for our boy.
Meeska, Mouska, Moo - ission accomplished.
I called on my dear friend Toodles (aka Pinterest),
and had a blast throwing together a special party for my favorite Mousketeer.

After finding a similar invitation I loved on Etsy that I'd have to sacrifice one of my boy's college educations to fund, I decided to make the invitations myself.
They were one of my very favorite parts of the party planning.
I used a black sheet of poster paper, a Mickey Mouse stencil, red felt, white buttons, and party deets printed on white cardstock.
I just love how cute they turned out!

My friend Leslie, who blogs over at Lamberts Lately,
had a similar-themed party for Emma Ramey last year.
She had several printables that made creating the menu, printables, and party décor
easy peasy!

We served Hot Diggity Dogs, Plutato Chips, Daisy's Garden Veggies, Donald's Cheese and Quackers, and Clubhouse Cupcakes.



Friends and family make all celebrations more special.
We are so thankful for the ones who make our lives a little sweeter.





May all of your wishes forever come true!

After each gift he opened, Baker acknowledged the giver and signed thank you.
Oh my heart, be still.

We continued the celebration with family, friends, and Baker's buddies at school.
He loved the almost-month-long birthday hoorah!


And I loved seeing his joy each time Happy Birthday was sung,
each candle was extinguished,
and each wish was whispered.
Happy Birthday, Baker Boy!


  1. So glad you were able to use the printables! :) You did such a good job - the party is adorable!

  2. Happy Birthday, Baker! It looks like he had a wonderful party!!!