Friday, May 15, 2015

39 Weeks and Delivery Day!

It's here.
My last bumpdate.
This has been the perfect pre-baby week.
My water did not break as I was loading a second grader into his car at dismissal as I had feared,
nor did I lose my marbles halfway through the bread aisle at Publix.
I think Baker just knew life would be changing this week.
We snuggled a little extra, read Love You Forever with a little more oomph.
He and Brian had some manly boy time digging up dirt and laying sod and doing all of the other things boys like to do.
I wrapped up my school year at work.
And then took care of some fun pampering to get me looking beautiful for my baby boy.
Our bags have been packed and packed and packed again,
Baker's big brother presents have been tied with a bow,
a homemade blue wreath boasting the glorious news of a baby boy has been hung on our door,
lists have been checked and double checked,
freezer meals have been made,
monograms have been stitched,
cameras have been charged.
We are ready to meet our baby boy.
Oh how ready we are to smooch his little face and squeeze his little stuffing.
Today, at 39 weeks, I will be induced and will finally meet the little man I have been carrying below my heart.
And all up in every corner of my heart.
He has already permeated every morsel of my being.
I haven't seen his face, or kissed his lips, or snuggled his neck, or held his hand,
 and I already love him with a love so intense it can only be described as a momma's love.
Little Brother, you are loved.
You are adored.
You are celebrated.
You are our wish, our answered prayer.
Welcome to this world, my sweet angel.
Your mommy, daddy, and big brother are ready to meet you.
Happy Birthday, James Barrett.