Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Birthday Baker!

You were my first.

My first midnight lullaby.

My first feeling of my heart beat outside of my body.

My first breath of a scent so sweet.

My first slobbery baby kiss.

My first sweet pea sneeze.

My first drowning gaze into the most captivating almond eyes.

My first translation of a perfectly understandable jibberish jargon.

My first celebration of wobbly steps.

And then my first "Oh my God, he can walk. Our lives will never be the same."

My first time to be called the name I want to be called for a lifetime of forevers.

My first one, two, three, jump! And my second, third, and four hundred thirty-seventh.

My first "lub oooo."

My first experience of loving someone so much my heart threatened to burst.

Our second will be arriving soon.
We will love him. We will celebrate him.
He will be the perfect addition to our little family.
Oh how our hearts have grown to make room for two little boys.
But you, my three year old Baker Boy, will always be our first.
And today, we celebrate the overwhelming joy that is all of you.

Happy Third Birthday!

From the top of your head,
to the tips of your toes,
and all of your sweet spots in between,
your mommy loves you.

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