Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend has come and gone.
The eggs have been hunted.
The chocolate has been eaten.
The bunny cakes have been delivered.
The frocks have been worn.
The chicks have hatched and the bunnies have done what bunnies do best.
The resurrection story has been told.
The festivities have been finished.
But, the tomb is still empty.
The grave could not hold my King!
For that reason, even a week later, we are still celebrating Easter.
Easter weekend began on Thursday, when Baker had his school's Easter Egg Hunt.
What a wonderful celebration!
Almost overnight, two families turned his entire preschool into an Easter Eggstravaganza!
They threw an incredible party and hid hundreds of eggs for the children.
It is spectacular the way others pour love and generosity into our school family.

On Friday, Brian was off work, so he let Baker play hooky from school and they had a boys' day.
They did some major damage to a few dozen chicken minis, worked on Baker's big boy room, and left their mark on Target.
I love the way these two have turned into best buds.
We spent the rest of the weekend enjoying family.
Easter Sunday was the most special day.
We eagerly dressed for church and loved celebrating our Risen Savior.
As I sat in the service, with my husband beside me, a precious little boy just a few feet down the hall, and another kicking rhythmically to the praise songs, I became acutely aware of the magnitude of the day.
My heart threatened to burst right out of my chest.
As I sang along with the worship team, I was reminded that Easter isn't about egg dyeing or matching outfits.
It's not about the perfect meal or chicks and bunnies.
It's about the cross, the sacrifice.
It's about a love so fierce not even a stone could secure it.
It's about grace.
It's about a living Jesus.
It's a single day worth celebrating all year long.
"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, all fear is gone.
Because I know He holds the future,
and life is worth the living just because He lives."
And just for fun,
Baker's First Easter
Baker's Second Easter

Baker's Third Easter
Next year will be Baker's Fourth Easter and James Barrett's First Easter.
I am positively giddy at the thought of celebrating with two little Bell boys!




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