Friday, April 17, 2015

35 Weeks

Thirty-five weeks!
35 weeks!

It doesn't get any less exciting the more times I write it!

What I’m Eating
Crushed ice. And fruit. Oh, how I am loving fruit. And Easter candy. And Coffee and Chocolate Chip Talenti Gelato.

Big Brother Baker

 He’s so happy about Little Brother’s arrival, he’s busting a move!

I think we have entered the pregnancy insomnia phase, accompanied by the wildest and weirdest dreams. When I sleep, I sleep well. But when I’m awake, sleep is nowhere to be found. I have begun just getting up when sleep won’t come. I either tiptoe to James Barrett’s room and rock in his rocker, imagining a little him in my arms during the wee hours, or snuggle up with Baker in his new big boy room with a bed just barely big enough for two, cherishing the last few weeks of him as our only.
The prayers I pray for these two little boys are much sweeter than sleep could ever be.

Maternity Clothes

Yes, please. And bonus points if they are cool and comfortable, as in they don't touch me anywhere, all while being semi-fashionable. I have discovered an all new, head over heels, New Kids on the Block level of infatuation with maxi skirts. God bless the creator of the maxi skirt.
Size of Baby

A pineapple. And just as sweet, too.  

Baby’s Name

James Barrett

I have started receiving all of the monogrammed goodies I ordered, and seeing his name on gowns and blankets just makes my heart smile. Also, Dreft. Ahh, the sweet smell of Dreft.


A baby BOY!

What I Miss

At this point, I think I have begun thinking about the things I will miss about being pregnant when Barrett arrives more than anything. Each roll, kick, and hiccup is a reminder of God’s faithfulness and perfect plan for our lives. My belly is getting rounder, my toes are becoming less visible. My body is morphing into something so perfectly created for housing a growing baby and then welcoming him into the world. It’s hard to complain about, or miss things being another way, when this way has been so flawlessly designed.

Best Moment of the Week

I have officially begun the week countdown. Either that, or my doctor really likes me and wants to see me every Tuesday.  When I went for my checkup on Tuesday, Barrett’s heart rate was 149! The sound of his little rhythmic heart beating in such perfect sync never fails to brighten my day and calm that angst that seems, somehow, to sneak up every now and again
"Yet I will rejoice in the Lord. I will be joyful in the God of my salvation."
Habakkuk 3:18

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