Friday, November 21, 2014

Fourteen Weeks

I think I have finally turned the first trimester corner! Y’all, I stayed up until 9:05 last night….that’s later than my sleepy eyes have seen in, well about fourteen weeks.

I am not sure if I will do weekly updates with this pregnancy. The thought of taking a picture, all by myself, to show off a burgeoning belly, seems a little outside of my comfort zone. Especially since I try to avoid pictures at all costs, and the ones I do find myself in, I try to stand as skinnily as possible. It’s a word. Honest. If you don’t know it, it means positioning oneself to hide muffin tops and love handles and double chins. Skinnily. Check the cover of People. They’re practicing it. And a little photoshop. And let’s not even talk about me even considering posting the number of pounds I’ve gained each week. That’s a big heck no!

What I do know is that I want to remember every single detail of this incredible experience.

What I’m eating: Halo’s. At least 6 a day. I cannot get enough. Anything savory and comforting. A lot of my clean eats are taking a backseat to creamy casseroles. I cried when a restaurant served the customer in front of me the last baked potato. It was a real tragedy. Waffles with peanut butter are my go to every single morning, although I am always tempted (and only sometimes give in to a second breakfast consisting of a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin or Bojangles butter biscuit). Earlier this week I ate the lunch I packed for school, only to eat a second lunch of turkey and dressing 45 minutes later. I am so happy Thanksgiving holidays coincide with pregnancy.

Big Brother Baker: If you ask Baker what’s in Mommy’s tummy, he sweetly rubs my belly and says, “bay bay.” I melt every single time. Sometimes he even pulls up my shirt to blow a bubble and make the “bay bay” laugh. I can’t even. Can I have another just like him?

Sleep: Love it. Can’t live without it. It’s interrupted several times with trips to the potty, but right now, it’s good stuff, and it comes easily.

Maternity Clothes: I am wearing maternity jeans today, and literally heard the “Hallelujah” chorus when I pulled them on. It’s happening early this time. It was a sweet relief when I finally succumbed to maternity jeans and quit trying to wage war with buttons. Many maternity pants still don’t fit, so I am wearing a lot of leggings and dresses. But with all of these extra meals I am sneaking in, I am making a case for them quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Size of Baby: This week, our baby is the size of a lemon. A lemon!!

Baby Names: We are very much undecided; although Brian thinks it's hilarious to call him or her Waylon. I'm not laughing.

Gender: We do not know, but we are dying to know!

What I Miss: Not a thing!

Best Moment of the Week: I am quite certain I felt little flutters this week. It may be early, but I think we have an active little squirmer on our hands.

In other news, I have pregnancy brain. It’s a thing. A real, medical condition.  Words that are a part of my daily vocabulary, words I have used in writing, words I may have even invented have vanished. Kaput. They are missing. And no amount of begging, conjuring, or pleading will bring them back to my brain. I’d write more about this, but I’ve already forgotten.

Happy Friday, Friends!

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  1. You are beautiful! Post those pictures! And, yes, pregnancy brain is very real!