Saturday, November 1, 2014

a week of tricks, a week of treats

This week has been one of those weeks I would like to pour into a nice, fancy bottle and tuck into a drawer amidst all of the other bottles carefully packaged and sealed with the most scrumptious of memories.
The ones that make you remember the exact glorious color of the leaves, the unmistakable, perfectly concocted smell of candy corn and sweaty two year old foreheads.
It was a week of late nights and sleepy mornings. Too much chocolate and not enough coffee. Squeezing in dinners just like we squeezed in one more hay ride at the festival's close.
We smiled a lot this week. We dressed silly. We played tricks and enjoyed treats.
Before the madness of the week began, we snuck outside to enjoy the beautiful day.
We even huddled up for a shameless selfie, because sometimes you need a picture to capture the love threatening to burst from all the seams.
My little hunter for his party at school.
Two seconds before this picture was taken, I realized my shirt was on inside out.
Just doing my part to make all you other mommas look good!
Baker and his trophy from his African Safari hunt.
Baker dressed in 50's garb for our church's Fall Festival.
Eat your heart out, Sandy and Rizzo.


This is the face of a boy who just put on TWO socks all by himself!
I couldn't have been more happy if I had unearthed the secret to folding fitting sheets. Those darn things are a booger to fold!
I am so proud of you, Baker Bell. So proud!
Needless to say, I pulled over, jerked him out of his carseat, and did a happy dance. It was the happiest dancing ever done on the side of the highway.

On Friday, Baker dressed up for school.
Being an Alabama football player was the obvious choice.
Roll Tide, Baker Boy!
Baker's Nana and DD surprised him for his Halloween party.
What a treat!
After a full week of tricks and treats, our little family of three slept soundly on Halloween night.

We enjoyed a kitchen floor picnic of chocolate chip waffles, because clearly we hadn't consumed enough sugar in the last seven days.
Somebody was not thrilled his waffles were topped with sugar free syrup.


Happy Halloween, and a very Happy November to you! 

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