Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nick's Kids (the day Baker met Coach Nick Saban)

A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled "I never knew I wanted a child with Down Syndrome until I had one."

Today, we had the amazing opportunity to attend Nick's Kids. Nick Saban and his wife, Mrs. Terry, hosted a fabulous event in The Zone (at Bryant Denny Stadium). It was truly first class. A huge, huge thank you to the director of Rise for inviting us. What an incredible honor to be there among such greatness.

You may also remember me posting about the day Baker got to meet former Alabama Head Coach, Gene Stallings. You can read it here (and see a pretty adorable picture of Baker and Coach Stallings).

Of the many reasons I have to be thankful for Baker's different ability, none are that our family has the opportunity to meet famous Alabama Head (and former Head) Coaches; but one is because I get to see a side of them many of their fans never do.

I get to see their hearts.

The world knows them for their wins, for their football expertise, for their recruiting classes, for their conference and National Championships, for their fame.

Me, I know them for their compassion.

" will know them by their love." John 13:34-5



He was enamored at the field.
It was beautiful, albeit slightly more peaceful than any given Saturday in the fall.
When we got home, Baker refused to part with his hat autographed by Coach Saban.
I love you big, my sweet little Bama boy.

Most Gracious Heavenly Father,

My heart overflows.

Brian and I have so many reasons to give thanks with grateful hearts. Thank you for your faithfulness. Thank you for burdening the hearts of others, and giving us the opportunity to be recipients of their love. Thank you for the generosity of the Saban family. Thank you for letting me see others through your eyes. Thank you for the gift of Baker and the other children in the room with us today. What a blessing each of their lives represent. Thank you for making them fearfully and wonderfully. Every good and perfect gift is from you.

You tell us when the words won't come, that you will intercede for us through wordless groans. I beg you, do that for me now. Although rare, I have no words. They have escaped me. I can simply smile a grateful smile, as tears bound.

My heart truly overflows.

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