Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

on involving children random acts of kindness

This past week, Baker and I scheduled a play date with some of our favorite kiddos. We love hanging out with this precious family.

Throughout the school year, we would plan ice cream outings and backyard shenanigans. When we set the date for our first get-together of the summer, I racked my brain trying to decide what we could do that was different than the things we had already done. I thought back to some posts from bloggers I follow about involving kids in random acts of kindness. I had always dismissed these, thinking we would join in when Baker gets older. Here was our chance! There are no children more joy-filled, and I jumped at the opportunity to schedule a day more meaningful than water slides and sunscreen.

It was the best day! I wish I had hidden a camera to video everything.

The sweet conversations among the children, "While we're at Target, we can buy water bottles to pass out at a construction site. We can also smile at a stranger, leave an encouraging note for a mother on a changing table." And from another, "Ohhh yeah, we can also let someone go in front of us in line." And the youngest, "Yeah, and I am going to help someone unload her groceries. Hey, while we wait in line, we can be writing notes to leave on windshields in the parking lot."
Later, driving down the road, I overheard, "Jenn, I know we didn't plan to give anything to that man beside us, but it looks like his car doesn't have air conditioning. And it's really hot out here. Can we give him a water bottle?" And the girls, "I'm thinking about that verse in James to write at the bottom of this note, but I don't remember the address." "I have a good Bible verse for that note, let's use this one..."

I was mush. The Lord was using these children and it was incredible to watch.

They chose the following acts of kindness (and already have an ongoing list for our next playdate)
one. leave coins on a drink machine
two. leave a note of encouragement for a mother on a changing table
three. smile at a stranger
four. compliment a stranger
five. buy dog treats for a local vet's office
six. take flowers to a nursing home resident who doesn't have family in town
seven. pass out popsicles to workers at an oil change garage
eight. take water bottles to construction workers
nine. leave encouraging notes on windshields
ten. help someone load or unload their groceries
eleven. let someone go in front of us in line
twelve. buy a stranger's meal
thirteen. chalk attack! etch words of encouragement and love in chalk
I shared more about this fabulous day on Instagram. Come see!

on my recent addiction to roasted veggies

I can't get enough roasted vegetables. It's true. No vegetable is safe from being tossed in olive oil, sprinkled with garlic salt, and being thrown in the oven to do it's marvelously delicious thing.

For lunch today, it's roasted tomatoes, green beans, and avocado over a half pita for a roasted veggie pizza, of sorts.

on summertime and me time

Baker is in school this summer. I mourned the thought all school year. What would I do without my Baker Boy all day long?

Kidding. Sorta.

I have come to love the few hours I have each day to savor the quiet, clean our home, prepare dinner, read, and check items off my summer bucket list.

This time is allowing our family time together to be more intentional. Here's to being a hand free mama.

on Father's Day

I just love this Father's Day card Baker made for Brian this year. So perfect for his favorite hero. And I am the biggest sucker for personalized cards.

on a mischievous toddler

Baker has learned to open doors. Everything that was safe, is no longer safe. Times, my friends, they are a changing. And I quite love it.

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  1. That superhero picture is adorable!
    The roasted veggies look delicious!