Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Birthday, Baker Boy!!

We started celebrating Baker's birthday insanely early.
My sweet friend, Mallory, taught us to celebrate birth months, not just birthdays.
I think it's genius!
For weeks, we've been singing Happy Birthday to Baker
 and practicing blowing out candles in everything.
I don't know what he'll do when we don't wake him with the birthday song or
 his morning waffle doesn't greet him with a candle.
On Friday, we had a birthday party at his school.
He loved sharing cupcakes and ice cream with his friends and teachers.
He laughed the whole time they sang, and immediately requested "More, more, more" when they finished!

Yesterday, we had his birthday party at home with family and friends.
We celebrated our buckaroo turning TWO!
It was the perfect day.
Today has been wonderful.
I can't imagine a day I have felt more blessed.
I am celebrating my second Mother's Day on the day of my boy's second birthday.
Praise to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine.

Our favorite book begins with a mommy holding her newborn.
She rocked him and sang to him and promised a forever love
But then that baby grew. He grew, and he grew, and he grew.
He grew until he was two years old

There are only three pages to cover two years of life.
Two flips of the page and that baby is two.

It goes so quickly.
Even when you promise to live intentionally.
To celebrate each day.
To love life.
To make memories.
To choose joy. 

Each day with this boy is a gift.
My heart overflows looking back through pictures from this past year.
He is our heart's desire, an answered prayer, our dream come true.












Here's to many more renditions of the Happy Birthday song,
many more candles blown, many more memories made with our precious boy.
I love this little two year old so big!
I blogged about Baker's birth here and his first birthday here