Thursday, April 17, 2014

13 Thoughts for Thursday

Thursday Thoughts

1. Mommy of an almost two year old brain is way worse than pregnancy brain. I frequently walk to the bedroom in quest of something, and as soon as my feet rub the coarseness of the familiar carpet, that thing I was so desperately searching escapes me. Unable to be retrieved. A foreign thought.

2. Some verses inspire. Some encourage. Some convict. And some challenge the heck out of me. Thessalonians 5:16-8 cover them all. I am wrapping the words around the walls of my heart. Painting them on my hands. Scribbling them on sticky notes. Praying them over my day. Arguing with them. Pleading for them to encompass my entire being.

3. Our Advocare order arrived today. I am equal parts thrilled and terrified. Brian and I are in full on meal planning, exercise scheduling, Spark slurping mode. Bring on April 21 and the start to our 24 Day Challenge.

4. The thought of embarking on a new anything with my husband at my side makes me giddy excited. He's my person. Whether it's walking down the aisle, having a baby, buying a home, or just setting fitness goals together, he's the one I want holding me accountable and encouraging my every step.

5. We had Baker's IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) yesterday. We got to eliminate three goals he's mastered. Whoop, Whoop Baker Boy! We also added a few developmentally appropriate goals. I refrained from bear hugging everyone on my way out the door. I was so filled with encouragement and admiration and appreciation for the people who work so diligently to help him reach his full potential. They work so tirelessly, and love our boy, and educate our family, and equip us with strategies and tools and confidence and hope for the future.

6. I have started planning Baker's second birthday party. How in the world my baby boy is almost two is beyond me.

7. My favorite picture from his first birthday.

8. All winter I prayed, pleaded for summer. Begging for longer days. Wishing for warmth and sunshine. Craving lemonade off front lawns. Drinking sweet tea out of mason jars. Slicing juicy watermelon and sinking my teeth into its delectable goodness. Sand and seashells and sandals. Barbeques and picnics. Hammocks and slides. Lightning bugs and hummingbirds. Sucking honeysuckles from the vine, popping blueberries and muscadines. Until today. Our air conditioning went kaput. Down for the count. Belly up. Bumma. Big time bumma.

9. I have one container of peanut butter in my pantry, one in my office, one in my car. I have a problem. And one I don't plan on addressing any time soon.

10. The Scandal finale comes on tonight. There are no words.

11. My sister is currently in Queensland, Brisbane. Yup, Australia. I'm using my best Aussie accent right here in Alabama and pretending to be down under with her. I love her adventurous spirit.

12. Easter candy is the best candy. Starting Advocare the day after Easter was not by coincidence.

13. I love Easter. I love the bunnies, the candy, the chicks, the pastels, the dying eggs, the coordinating outfits. I love the hype surrounding Easter. It gives me the warm fuzzies. It gives me the warm fuzzies until I look past the glitz and glamour and clutter clouding the seasonal aisles at the grocery store, and see the man on the cross. That part of Easter is not about glam, or festivities, or a specially planned outfit. It's about the ultimate sacrifice. It's about a beautiful love story. It's about the crucifixion and the resurrection. It's about an empty tomb. It's about grace. It's about the Savior.

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