Wednesday, January 29, 2014

a little southern snow

Yesterday morning, I pored over the weather forecast.

As a lifelong Bama girl, I was more giddy than any school girl at the thought of even a few snow flurries.

Our county was in a band forecasted to get a light dusting. I loved the thought of watching snow fall and our students getting the chance to make memories dancing in the snow!

I also held onto a sliver of hope that just maybe we would dismiss early for a snow day! The sliver dwindled with each minute of the weather I watched. It wasn't likely.

I dropped Baker at school and went to a local primary school to help with DIBELS testing. I checked my Twitter feed and Weather Channel app eager to stay abreast of any changes. Nothing. Nada.

Then something not even the best in the business forecasted happened, the snow fell. And fell. And fell.

Schools dismissed. Businesses closed.

And like no one could have predicted, snow wreaked havoc on our little cozy pocket of the South.

It wasn't the snow day I had envisioned. Not at all. This was not fun snow.

I made the usual 15 minute drive to get Baker in just under three hours. The roads were an icy mess. People were slipping and sliding everywhere, and not in sleds. In their cars. There were multiple wrecks.

I have teacher friends who spent the night hovered over students stranded at schools. Friends spent the night away from their babies because they couldn't get to them. Some were stuck at their office. Others slept in hotel lobbies. Still others walked through the snow desperate to reach their loved ones.

In a mere 36 hours, snow and ice have had their way. And personally, this snow loving southern girl, couldn't be more excited to see them on their way out.

We spent most of the time indoors, waiting to hear our people were okay, and enjoying the warmth of home and extra time with our family.

Baker has decided chocolate pancakes topped with Hershey's syrup and Cool Whip is appropriate in any weather!

As if snow days didn't hold enough magic, Nana hosted a middle of the kitchen floor chocolate chip pancake picnic. She makes life special.

 Harley loved the snow! 

Baker signing "cold" is about the only thing that makes these frigid temperatures acceptable. Cuteness overload!

And now, the only white stuff I want to see on the ground is sand! Bring on summer and humidity and beaches and flip flops!

You can see our Snow Day 2013 post here. Baker has changed so much!

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  1. Baker is such a cutie, and what an awesome Nana he has, making him a pancake picnic! And it's so funny how snowfall is relevant to different areas. We got more snow than that last night, and it was still falling this morning as we made our commute, and I think I was only about 5 minutes later than usual. Of course, our roads are like beaches, with all the sand and salt they put down to keep us safe, and it was drier snow, not very icy. Anyway, I am glad you were all safe and home together through it. :)