Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A little hump day post

This little one -
my Baker Boy,
our littlest love,
food thrower extraordinaire.
He is brightener of all the days.
A recent night owl and wee hour party animal.
Lover of singing and dancing and moving and grooving.

He craves coffee and climbing.
Music is his love language.
He can untie any knot.
And would live in the bathtub, if only we would oblige.
He has become quite decisive in toddlerhood.
I never knew how much I would love a little head nodding up and down and back and forth so stinking much.
He is a student and he is a teacher.
A sponge who soaks in the entire world around him,
and then shares it with such joy and enthusiasm.


He is a thrill seeker.
A high swinger.
A shrill screamer.
He has a big laugh
and a shy cry.
No trip is too short for him to lose his shoes
and he never misses an opportunity to share a cheesy, toothy grin with the nearest mirror.
He loves to see the world from his daddy's shoulders and snuggle in his mommy's arms.
Baker is gaining independence, building confidence, and increasing his speed.
But right now, I am most grateful that not a step is taken in which his little fingers aren't carefully secured in ours.

 Good golly, I love this kid.


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